Watlow’s F4T versus the PM6

Watlow is well-known for producing a variety of line controllers and related equipment for system management. The F4T controllers show off some of the best features, but the PM6 controllers have been solid standby as well. Here are some of the notable differences between the two great products in Watlow’s controller line.

The F4T Controller

For the digitally oriented, the Watlow F4T Controller for temperature and process is going to appeal right away. The first, most visible benefit is the clear, digital GUI screen for settings and management. This console displayed in such a crisp manner gives instant access to the F4T’s diagnostics as well as its tools. Additionally, the F4T can be programmed with a number of different configurations to match its application, as well as providing easy access to its directions and details. The design incorporates a flush mount and surface so the entire assembly literally sits out of the way until directly needed. The F4T can easily handle hard environments up to 50 degrees Celsius as well as down to -18 degrees on the other end of the spectrum. It comes with multiple communication protocols and network connections, making the F4T easy to sync with existing system management enterprise grids and IoT applications.

The PM6 Controller

While it might seem a bit more analog in appearance, don’t be fooled by the PM6’s outward look. This panel mount controller can play multiple roles in a system management from a PID controller to an integrated node. The PM6 works with a variety of networking and communication connection formats, and the controller comes in different mount packages. The PM6 Controller can also be synced with mobile devices including both Android and iPhone tools, regardless of choice. This feature allows for remote control and management of the PM6 without having to apply manual input at the equipment site.

There is no question that Watlow’s equipment and controllers cover a variety of system management needs, and these two Controller choices avoid are just the tip of the iceberg. Contact Seagate Controls to get more information about Watlow and what we can do for upgrading your system management and line flow control.

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