Granite Countertops: Daily Care and Sanitizing Tips for Your Family’s Health

Your family’s health remains at the top of your priority list. How do you keep your kitchen as clean and germ free as possible? What works best with your beautiful granite or marble countertops? The Countertop Shop has gathered all the facts required in one quick spot so you can stop searching for the answers.

Dish Soap Used Often Does the Job

For daily cleaning, all you need is a clean soft cloth, a dab of handwashing dish soap, and some warm water. A quick wipe down of your counters will remove most germs and bacteria from the surface. Use a textured cotton cloth to remove any dried or stuck foods and fluids. In these times, washing down your counters several times a day is just fine and will not harm the surface of your counters.

Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizing Solutions

If you really want to go after the germs, you can spray down your counters with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and let dry. After the alcohol is dry, wash down with your soap and water solution as usual. If you simply spray and wipe the alcohol, it does not have the time needed to actually kill any germs or bacteria. Time is your friend. The alcohol will not degrade your sealant and is safe to use one or more times a week.

Avoid Bleach, Vinegar, Ammonia, and Harsh Cleaners

It can be tempting to return to your roots and apply a bleach solution to sanitize your counters. Unfortunately cleaning chemicals including bleach, vinegar, and ammonia eat into the sealant, which will leave the pores of the stone open to absorb stains, oils, and more germs. Unless the cleaner is labeled as safe for natural stone counters, avoid using it.

Use Cutting Boards for a Safe and Easy Surface Every Time

If you would like to ensure that all your family’s meals are prepared on a sanitized surface every time, invest in a collection of cutting boards sized to fit into your dishwasher. After use, the detergent and heat of your dishwasher will kill any and all germs and bacteria remaining on the board. Best of all, this keeps your knives away from the polished surface of your granite counters.

At the Countertop Shop, we are hoping and praying that you and your family remains healthy and safe through the international crisis. If you have any questions on how to care for your particular Monclova, OH area counter installation, please give us a call at our showroom. We are open regular business hours Monday through Friday and from 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays. 

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