House Framing: Basic House Framing Terms You Need to Know

When it comes to new house framing construction, you could find trusted and professional Framing Companies Toronto. Framing is where your building begins to take shape. Once you have plans in hand, it is your building’s framing that makes those blueprints come to life. A building’s frame is the framework that supports all of the finishing features, like drywall, doors, windows, and even your roof.

A structure’s casing is the skeleton that bolsters the entirety of the completing highlights, similar to drywall, entryways, windows, and even your rooftop.

If you are trying your hand at constructing an outbuilding like a garage, shed or pole barn, you’ll need to understand the basic components of wall framing before you get started. If you have hired House Framing Contractors Toronto to build your new home, it’s also helpful to know the following terms, so you can understand what your builder is talking about as your home building process begins.

There is a lot to know about framing a home, so here are a few basic framing terms to help you get started:

Wall Panel

In framing construction, a wall panel refers to the panel or skeleton  that makes up the framing for one wall of a home


On wall panel or framing piece, the beams that run horizontal at the very top and bottom of the frame are called plates


A joist is a horizontal framing member that runs across the length of the floor of a home. Joists are the support for the floor of your home and make up the platform that your wall panels will eventually be affixed to. GTA Framing Companies Products to bring their Joist systems to single-family and multi-family buildings


Also known as a through wall, a by-wall extends all the way to the outside edge of a house.

Butt Walls

Butt walls are wall panels that butt up against by-walls at the corner of a home.

Intersecting Walls

An intersecting wall is any wall that intersects with another. In most framing situations, crossing walls butt up against an exterior or through wall to divide interior space. For instance, the wall that divides a home’s guest bedroom from the bathroom is an intersecting wall.

How to fine House Framing Contractors Toronto for House Framing

If you decide to House Framing, go to google and search House Framing Toronto and apply the filter “GTA Framing Companies” to your search. Find the perfect Framing Companies Toronto in your desired location and start this new chapter of your life!

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