Tips For Preparing You for Lasik

On June 20, 1989, the US received a patent for laser eye surgery. Over the years, the process was refined and laser-assisted in-situ (LASIK) has become a common procedure for those looking for vision correction without the hassle of glasses or contacts. If you’ve deciding to undergo LASIK, you should know how to prepare for the procedure.

Weeks Before Your Surgery

Take a look at these tasks you should perform weeks before your surgery to make sure you adequately prepare.

  1. Ask About the Safety of Your Medications and LASIK

Certain medications may deem you ineligible for LASIK eye surgery. You can still undergo the procedure when you take certain medications, but you may need to refrain from taking them a few days or longer prior to your surgery date. Make sure you let your eye surgeon know about any medications you take, including herbal, prescription, and nonprescription.

  1. Ask Questions

Whether you’ve had your consultation already or not, you should ask any questions you can think of. You want to thoroughly understand what to expect before, during, and after your LASIK procedure.

  1. Stop Wearing Your Contacts

Stabilize your corneas for surgery by forgoing on contact wearing for at least two weeks prior to your procedure.

  1. Clean Your House

Start cleaning your house or taking care of any other tasks that you need to have done over the course of the first few days after your surgery. Blurred vision can occur after your surgery for the first few days or weeks, so you may not be able to complete your usual routine immediately following your procedure.

  1. Arrange for a Ride

Make sure you arrange for a ride the day of your surgery in advance. You won’t be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.

Day Before Your Surgery

Here are some tasks you want to complete on the eve of your surgery to optimize your results and ensure the procedure is safe for you.

  1. Remove Makeup the Night Before

On the night before your surgery, you want to thoroughly remove all of your makeup. You also don’t want to apply any lotion to your face on the night before your surgery.

  1. Use Artificial Tears to Flush Your Eyes

On the night before your surgery, you should flush out your eyes using artificial tears to remove any debris.

Day of Your Surgery

On the day of your surgery, you want to complete any household tasks that you still need to finish in case you experience any blurred vision that could interfere with your daily tasks.

Don’t apply any makeup or lotion on the day of your surgery. Wear comfortable clothing.

If you’re feeling nervous, ask your surgeon about any fast-acting medications you may take in the office the day of your procedure to calm you.

LASIK eye surgery can help you achieve nearly perfect vision. You may eliminate your need for contacts and glasses. However, you should understand how to prepare for your procedure, but you need to understand how to prepare for your surgery to ensure you receive the best results and are safe and comfortable during the process.


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